IIT Kharagpur is a small college located in the town of Kharagpur in West Bengal. This engineering college is mainly famous for the school known as IIT-Kharagpur. IIT-Kharagpur has been one of the leading schools in India for several years. While other regular and renowned schools have faded away in the recent past, the present IIT-Kharagpur has attracted thousands of students every year, both from India and abroad.

The main aim of this college is to provide quality education to students all over the world. With the help of excellent curriculum, the students are trained well in all aspects of computer science and also get some basic understanding of theoretical subjects. The college also has an excellent student union which provides a platform to students to interact with each other. Other than this, the college has an esteemed faculty, renowned professors and a warm staff. All of these aspects have helped the students to score high marks in various subjects. IIT-Kharagpur is one of the three main branches of IIT-JEE which have separate curriculum completely dedicated to preparing candidates for IIT JEE.

The first two branches which are JEE prepare the candidates for the entrance examination of IIT-JEE in India. As per the curriculum and the course standards of these two branches, all the students prepare for similar exams. However, with the help of IIT-Kharagpur, students are able to opt for different major topics in comparison to other schools.

This college is well equipped with all modern facilities which suit the needs of the busy students. The students can access the library of the school in plenty of time which is otherwise impossible if they choose some other college. Since this is a prominent college, many faculties from different countries send their students to this college. International students as well as students from many other states of India are available at this college for furthering their studies. The Engineering faculty of IIT-Kharagpur has qualified and experienced faculty who have excellent knowledge about latest technology and modern technologies.

The infrastructure of the college is modern and innovative in every aspect. The rooms are well furnished with latest electronic equipment and accessories. The library and the reading rooms are also well equipped with books and magazines of repute. In the dining hall, a big hall is there, which is used by the students for socializing purposes as well as conferring and hosting functions. The lounge and the study area are also well provided with study desks, computers as well as internet connections.

The administration of IIT-Kharagpur as well as the management has taken care of every aspect and everything is well planned for the convenience and comfort of the students. The students can make use of the facilities like libraries, computer labs and the IT seats in order to gain maximum knowledge and improve their skills. There are various clubs and societies, which provide the facilities for relaxing and participating in different activities, which the students can enjoy. The cost of the boarding and lodging as well as the study materials and other sundry expenses are also taken care of by the college authorities.


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