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AMD, the creator of the x-series of high-performance computing motherboards is known to release a number of high-end HCL technology. One of the most recent HCL technologies is the B SE named B Squared. B Squared is not new to the HCL technology. The two companies, AMD and Intuit, have been collaborating for the last few years to develop a reliable and competitive HCL technology with the objective of providing an easy to use and effective solution for all types of small to mid-sized businesses across all sectors of industry.

B SE is based on the cutting-edge AMD Opteron processors. The B SE based technology is very much similar to the previous B suffix which was manufactured by AMD for the client’s notebooks and desktops but in this case has been modified for the desktop environment. The new suffix is referred to as B suffix for the fact that it is a quad core processor with support for the x8 core, which is a bit larger than the previous versions of the processor. The desktop version of the B SE has the same socket configuration and a similar external appearance to the earlier versions of the B series of processors. The only difference between the desktop and the notebook models is the size of the cooler which is usually a quarter of the size of the latter.

It has been confirmed that there will be some slight specification differences between the B series of processors manufactured by AMD and the older B series of sockets manufactured by Intuit. The main difference is the support for dual core processors and the extra RAM supported by the latter. The increased RAM will be used by the enterprise users to run heavy workload applications. However the major spec difference lies in the additional four socketable motherboard slots provided with the B SE model.

This additional support will allow several devices to be connected with the B SE processor. Users will be able to connect the gaming systems with the help of the motherboard and also have fast data transfers with the help of the USB ports. It has been mentioned earlier that the price of the B series of Intel socketed processors is quite high when compared with the older technology. However, there are some good deals existing in the market for this processor that could reduce the price significantly.

The prices of the Intel HCL Tech Share Price BSE should come down once the demand for the product increases. The low price will encourage more people to buy the processor. There is also a possibility that with the lower prices the competition might increase and the pricing will come down further. Right now there is no clear indication as to whether the price of the product will go down or not.

The third part of the HCL Tech Share Price BSE is the socketed motherboards that are manufactured by the company. These motherboards are similar to the ones that are used in the original Intel processors. The only difference is that these motherboards do not have a PCI Express slot and they work through the USB ports. If you have a motherboard with a PCI express slot then the price of the B series of technology will automatically increase.


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